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English summary


The NCN is the club to be for anyone who owns a Norton motorcycle for riding, for tinkering or for polishing, and for all those who keep Norton in their heart.

Club nor website make a distinction in the Norton pedigree. Previous century primal Nortons, current Norvil or Perfect remakes, Rotaries and Molnar Manx's, more recently the 961 resurrections of Norton Motorcycles:  it does not matter, all are welcome, all are featured.

Through the website, the club wants to present itself to its members and to the general public. Up to date information is shared online. Think about Norton related news items, about schedules, stories and pictures of club events, as well as links to other interesting sites.
Also you will find details about the club like committee, contacts, club shop, etcetera. The intention is to expand Norton "Techniek" into a kind of data base. Last but not least there is the forum, the place to be for exchanging views, hints and ideas.
To keep the site easy accessible, no logging in is required (for the present).

Finally: your contributions and tips for the webmaster about interesting stuff for the website are highly appreciated!

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